Rings on her fingers and pointes on her toes

Rings on her fingers and pointes on her toes

Hila Shachar matches ballet heroines with beautiful bling

Hands are one of the most expressive parts of a dancer’s body, sending messages to the audience about the story and characters. Some of ballet’s most famous heroines are here explored through their hands and what one imagines would best grace them – an imaginary exercise of pure indulgence! Here’s a compilation of ballet rings for our leading ladies.

Odette from Swan Lake -  Wave Ring by Elizabeth Knight
The most fitting ring to adorn the graceful figure of Odette is one that resembles a deep blue lake encased by a gentle, wave-like band. The watery brilliance of this ring speaks of both the tears of sorrow that formed Odette’s magical lake, and the eternal nature of her love.

Ballet rings_0006_Layer 5

Swanilda from Coppélia -  Signet Ring by Bittersweets

Swanilda is a clever character whose sharp wits save her love from an untimely death. Rather than a delicate adornment, her hands deserve a more substantial ring that represents her strength and loyalty in the face of danger.

Ballet rings_0008_Layer 3


Cinderella – Fleur De Lis Crown Ring by Elizabeth Knight

This crown ring symbolises Cinderella’s rise from rags to riches, with a nod to Perrault’s highly influential French version of the fairy tale, in the form of the Fleur de lis.

Ballet rings_0010_Background

Manon -  Brilliant Cut Champagne Diamond Ring by Rust

For Manon, only a truly gaudy ring resembling a delicious bauble will do. Embracing the hedonism of the libertine world of the ballet, this ring is like captured droplets of champagne bubbles wrapped in gold – a truly decadent piece to sit on the fingers of a heroine seduced by wealth.

Ballet rings_0004_Layer 7


Giselle – The Tiniest Pearl Ring by Satomi Kawakita

Giselle is one of the purest and most delicate heroines of ballet. Her innocence and devotion (and the poor health of her heart) is what ultimately leads to her tragic death. All this delicacy, purity and sorrow are encompassed by this simple pearl ring.

Ballet rings_0001_Layer 10


Nikiya from La Bayadère - Temple Ring by Mociun

The love story of Nikiya, the temple dancer, and her warrior, Solor, could be told through this ring. At the centre of the ring lies a smoky stone that represents their reunited spirits in death, after the fiery destruction of the temple that separated them in life.

Ballet rings_0005_Layer 6


Princess Aurora from The Sleeping Beauty -  Three Fairies Ring by Elisa Solomon

This princessy, frothy pink ring pays tribute to one of ballet’s most adored princesses, Aurora, whose fate is sealed by the gifts and curses of fairies.

Ballet rings_0007_Layer 4


Juliet from Romeo and JulietSun and Moon Ring by Natalia Moroz

Juliet’s hands are best graced by a ring that speaks of Romeo’s metaphors of love. In Romeo’s eyes, she is the sun that makes the moon jealous and competes with the brilliance of the stars. The epic nature of their love is here made literal through this stately ring.

Ballet rings_0002_Layer 9

Kitri from Don Quixote -  Archipelago Ring by Polly Wales

Kitri is a feisty, independent and free-spirited character, exploding with energy and vitality. One can’t imagine a demure ring on her finger; she is best adorned with a trinket as vibrant and bright as she is.

Ballet rings_0003_Layer 8


The Sylphide from La Sylphide - Growing Tree Ring by Yayoi Forest

It’s hard to imagine any other ring on the finger of this ethereal woodland sylph but one that symbolises the forest.

Ballet rings_0009_Brightness_Contrast 1


Clara from the Nutcracker – Hexagon Ring by Satomi Kawakita

This simple, girlish ring is fitting for a character like Clara, who is on the cusp of womanhood. The bright ruby centre in this simple gold band stands for her Nutcracker in his soldierly red coat, the Christmas setting of the ballet, and her budding femininity.

Ballet rings_0000_Layer 11

How would you adorn your favourite ballet heroine?

23 December 2013

2 Responses to Rings on her fingers and pointes on her toes

  1. Angela says:

    Perfect ring selection! I’d like the Odette, Swanilda, Manon & Juliet rings please!!!

  2. Rose Mulready says:

    Angela it’s not too late to send this post to your nearest and dearest as a subtle Christmas reminder … :)

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