• Rehearsing Don Quixote
    Lana Jones and Daniel Gaudiello. Photography Lynette Wills
  • Rehearsing Don Quixote
    Robyn Hendricks and Amy Harris. Photography Lynette Wills

Rehearsing Don Quixote


We think photographer Lynette Wills has excelled herself capturing the boisterous bounce of Don Quixote rehearsals. Lovers Basilio and Kitri spark off each other, the street dancers strut their stuff and gypsies cause a ruckus … this is whetting our appetite for the opening of Nureyev’s marvellously show-offy production in March!

Tickets for the Melbourne season of Don Quixote go on sale tomorrow! Watch this space

31 January 2013

4 Responses to Rehearsing Don Quixote

  1. antoinette constable says:

    I love Don Quixote and am looking forward to seeing it again sooo much!

  2. Annie Girard says:

    Such a great version. When are you bringing it to Perth?

  3. Cydney says:

    Where does the company buy the fans they are rehearsing with? My school can’t find any for a performance coming up.

  4. Rose Mulready says:

    Hi Cydney,

    Our Scenery department has this to say in relation to your fan question:

    If you’re looking for the average small/hand-sized fans you can find them online at wedding sites, party sites or ebay; for example http://www.pinkfrosting.com.au has a range of silk/paper/lace fans that are affordable. We do buy these for rehearsals but they don’t seem to last very long (we are particularly rigorous with these!) – for performances, we have to make the fans. There are also $2 shops that sell plastic/lace fans.
    If you’re looking for larger fans, the best affordable option would be to look at martial arts stores – we bought fans for The Merry Widow from Tans Martial Arts on Lygon St, Brunswick (www.tansmas.com) They are super-solid and great to use but again, we only use them for rehearsals, so your school may have to consider how to redecorate bright red fans with chinese script written on them! They may have other sizes there but we’ve only ever bought the large ones.

    Hope that helps!

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