• Presenting: Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake
    Lana Jones and Amber Scott in front of the David H.Koch Theater in New York. Photo by Matthew Murphy
  • Presenting: Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake
    Amber Scott. Photo Liz Ham
  • Presenting: Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake
    Artists of The Australian Ballet in Graeme Murphy's Swan Lake. Photo Jim McFarlane

Presenting: Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake


Odette is going to New York! And so are the minxy Baroness, the feckless Prince, a couple of nuns, a whole lot of royalty and a wedge of swans. Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake (which is celebrating its 10th anniversary as we celebrate our 50th) is a signature piece for us, and has barely been off our stages since its creation, so it was a natural choice for our New York tour.

Murphy takes the traditional story of Swan Lake and sets it in an Edwardian court. His Odette is a fragile girl who marries a prince, not realising he’s still very much involved with his noble mistress (shades of Princess Di!). An asylum, swan visions and a ballroom revenge ensue. It’s no wonder Le Figaro said that our version “puts fire into the lake”!

The company will be performing Swan Lake at New York’s David J Koch Theater from June 15 – 17; from June 12 – 13 they will also perform the triple bill Infinity. Don’t have your tickets? It only takes a New York minute …

6 June 2012

4 Responses to Presenting: Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake

  1. Tom says:

    I live in New York City and have access to the best the Dance World has to offer, Swan Lake is my favorite ballet. I have scene the New York City Ballet’s version and The American Ballet Theatre’s version, both companies usually do it every year. To be honest I had never heard of the Australian Ballet, but upon learning they were the most prestigious ballet company in Australia and that they were coming to my city, I was very interested. Graeme Murphy’s version sounds interesting, especially when I learned that it alters the plot. It happens in the Edwardian Court amongst many other changes. It’s a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to see this. Critics loved it and I’m sure I will too. I can’t wait!

  2. Connie says:

    Amber looks stunning in that New York picture!!!!

  3. Fret says:

    I saw The Australians when they came to City Center in the fall and they wore those skin tight outfits and twirled around and while I didn’t think it Ballet I thought they were hawt. So I saw Infinity last night at the NY State Theater (I refuse to call it Koch theater and I refuse to call Shea Citifield) and they had that smokin’ hot Amber Scott wearin’ some skimpy little black outfit.

    I’m hoping to see them do some more traditional ballet this weekend when I go back for Swan Lake.

  4. Donald Lee says:

    My wife and I had an amazing evening at the performance of Swan Lake. Graeme Murphy’s choreography was riveting, inventive and physically demanding; the dancing was mesmerizing and expressive. As much as I love Petipa’s version of Swan Lake, Graeme Murphy’s modern take breathes new life into a beloved classic, while highlighting the improved technique and strength of contemporary dancers.

    The depth of talent has always been the strength of the Australian Ballet, but we were completely blown away tonight by Amber Scott’s performance as Odette.

    When the final curtain came down, we could not have been prouder expatriate Australians with very sore palms!

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